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.Women's Forum Prijepolje

..Formed 8th November 2000.

..The objective of the Organization is to improved quality of life of women and to ..achieve gender equality in the local community.
..Activities: media production, organization of seminars, workshops, debates, street ..actions, the campaign ...

..To made visible their activities and concerns of women they participate in contest ..for a license to operate television stations of the civil sector on May 2007. TV Forum ..begins broadcasting specialized program on October 2008.

Current projects Women's Forum Prijepolje

- Women on political scene in local community, Embassy of Finland

- “Active women in building local community” , Kvinna till Kvinna

Completed projects Women's Forum Prijepolje

- “For Prijepolje in the flowers” ,the Fund for Environmental Protection, the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje, utility company Lim

-Adolescentni klub – Frend, partnership with the Center for Social Work Prijepolje, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

- “Women of the village together”, BCIF

- “For women healthy life”, the Open Society

- “Your voice - the voice of reason”, Reconstruction Women's Fund

- “Active - women of Prijepolje”,Norwegian People's Aid

- “ Women's economic empowerment - education for rural tourism”, the Ministry of Agriculture

- “Privatization - Challenges and meanderings”, USAID/IREX

- “The promotion of gender equality in TV Forum shows”, Norwegian Embassy

- “Representation of women in the media”, Norwegian People's Aid

- “From the margins to the center of social life”, the PRO program / ??UNDP, European Commission,The Swiss government and the Serbian Government

- “Equal treatment for all”, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

- “For the green Lim and clean Prijepolje”, the Fund for Environmental Protection

- “The fight against sexual and gender-based violence against women” , the project within 16 days of activism against violence against women, UNDP and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

- UNDP and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy NDC

- “We have the right to decide”,NDC

- “Improvement of good governance and strengthening civil society in Prijepolje and Priboj”, partnership with IKV Pax Christi, Netherlands Embassy

- “Training for greater visibility of people with disabilities”, ”, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

- “Bosniak-Paths of Culture”, Ministry of Culture and Information

- “The cultural heritage of priceless treasure”, the Ministry of Culture and Information

- “Traditional and Contemporary Bosniaks World”, the Ministry of Culture and Information

- “The role of media in combating sexual and gender-based violence”, UNDP, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Gender Equality Directorate (Ministry)

- “Capacity Building for Gender Equality Committee Prijepolje”,the Gender Equality

- “Gender equality condition of democratization of society”, the Programme of the European Partnership with Municipalities Progress / European Commission, the Swiss government, the Serbian Government, UNOPS

- “Media and Gender Equality”, the Gender Equality

- “The young and successful businessmen”, USAID and local government Prijepolje


Contact numbers: +381 33 714 147, +381 33 713 280, +38164 1933 962

Contact persons : Mileva Malešić i Mirjana Tešević

e-mail: [email protected]


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