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...... Women's Forum Prijepolje is a non-governmental women's organization dealing with ....empowering women and promoting gender equality through the media. The organization ....was founded in 2000. and has implemented numerous projects aimed to raise public ....awareness on gender equality, empowering women to participate in public and political, economic empowerment of women and increase the visibility of women in the media. ....Since 2008. within the Women's Forum Prijepolje launched TV station of civil society, ....Television Forum.....

.......Television Forum is an electronic medium of civil society. It was founded as activity of ....associations of citizens Women's Forum Prijepolje . It i s a nonprofit media organization that ....promotes the values ??of civil society, paying special attention to the gender equality issues ....and problems of marginalized groups. Carefully caring the true values ??of journalism, ....affirming the right to otherness and difference in a multiethnic environment, contributing to ....the promotion of European values ??and standards TV Forum has gained many friends. TV ....Forum mission had been recognized by many domestic and foreign donors.

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